Albert N. Mitchell II
Executive Director

Albert N. Mitchell II is the Executive Director of the New Jersey Minority Educational Development (NJ MED). He is also one of the country’s most successful inner-city youth program architects. His accomplishments include designing 28 youth programs for the New Jersey State Health Department, the Camden Board of Education, the Camden City Police Department, the Camden City Recreation Department, and the Camden Housing Authority.

He attended the University of Rutgers, New Jersey and has appeared frequently on local television shows. Mr. Mitchell is also known nationally for his skills as a market research analyst. His former clients include: the United States Mini-soccer Federation (USMF), the Soccer Association for Youth (SAY), R&R Associates (publishers), and the United States Soccer Federation (USSF).

In the first six months of operating NJ MED, Mr. Mitchell successfully directed the agency’s first grant award, “The New Jersey Minority Males Community Challenge Grant”, awarded by the New Jersey Department of Human Services. With the success of this grant, Mr. Mitchell has firmly established NJ MED as a creditable organization, after receiving several other state and local grants, as well as, conducting all of the organization’s services and workshops with middle school and high school students, the Camden School District staff and supporting agencies. He shares a strength-based and community-focused philosophy of understanding the non-profit sector. To date, he has led NJ MED in developing partnerships with 42 other non-profit organizations in the Camden County area in providing direct services for over 2,500 youths and their families in the City of Camden, New Jersey.

Preston S. Brown
Program Director

Preston S. Brown, born to a single mother of six addicted to crack cocaine on the mean streets of Camden, New Jersey. Mr. Brown graduated from the University of Tulane in 2007 and has a Master’s in Education with honors from American Intercontinental University. He also served two-years as captain of the football team at Tulane and has lived an unselfish life on a mission to change the lives of others by working in alternative schools, group homes, mental hospitals and publicly speaking to juvenile offenders across the country.

Mr. Brown has risen through poverty, homelessness, jail, and near death in one of the country’s most violent inner-cities to success, and serviced as an inspirational leader during one of our nation’s greatest disasters – Hurricane Katrina. His relentless determination to help bring change to our nation and around the world makes him of the leading visionary professionals in America.

A positive role model, mentor, scholar, motivational speaker,entrepreneur, and social activist he is the epitome of what it takes to overcome hardships.